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The Housewarmers Good Neighbor 7-Point Marketing System™

Does your message go straight from the mail box out front to the trash can out back?

That’s what usually happens with mass marketing. But Housewarmers is different. Our Good Neighbor 7 Point Marketing System™ is designed to make a good first impression...and then keep working, touching each resident we greet at least 7 times.

Studies show that it takes repeated touches before a prospect remembers your company’s name or visits your business. With the Housewarmers Good Neighbor 7 Point Marketing System™, your business has the opportunity for multiple touches. All for one low price!

Contact us today to learn more!

  1. Your offer is personally delivered to a potential customer. Not left on the doorstep; not sent in the mail. Our Greeters offer word-of-mouth assurances that every business included is a solid, reputable business. You’re in good company.

  2. Your promotional items and brochures are included in our attractive and reusable red Housewarmers Gift Bag.

  3. Your business has an eye-catching Gift Certificate in our exclusive Gift Book. Residents are enticed to try your business with this offer.

  4. Your business receives a listing and map of your location in a useful Community Guide.
    Customized for your city, this guide is designed to be kept and referred to again and again.

  5. Your business is listed on our website with links back to your website.

  6. Our regular ‘Front Porch” email newsletters to residents contain additional offers from you. Residents eagerly sign up to receive these newsletters, containing local information, business spotlights and coupons from our sponsors.

  7. You receive the names and addresses of the residents we greeted for your own follow-up marketing.

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