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An Overview of the Housewarmers Business Model


Enjoy the video explanation of the Housewarmers Business Mode; the notes provide additional information.

  • As a Housewarmers owner, you’ll visit with local businesses, connecting them to new residents by sponsoring the Housewarmers gift bag.  Most sponsor agreements are based on the number of bags delivered monthly, with typical rates being $1.25 - $2.00 per bag.

  • Each month, the Housewarmers gift bags are delivered to new residents in your community The number of gift bags delivered is determined by the size and demographics of your franchise territory.  Franchisees typically deliver 50 to 250 gift bags per month, with 125 bags being about the average.

  • Each Housewarmers gift bag contains the following items:

    • Gift and Promotional information provided by your sponsors at their expense.
    • Community information provided by local resources such as nonprofit organizations, local attractions and city government
    • A Gift Certificate Book and Community Guide that you will produce and print each month.  We provide you with a complete set of templates to create these pieces and have arranged for excellent printing prices with a recommended printer that you can choose to use.
  • The costs to put together and deliver a Housewarmers gift bag will be about $10 assuming you hire someone else to assemble and deliver the bags.  These costs consist of:

    • $.60 for the Housewarmers red bag
    • $.20 for each new resident name
    • about $4.00 for the printing of the Gift Certificate book and the Community Guide
    • $5.00 for assembly and delivery of the gift bag.  If you assemble and deliver some of the bags yourself, your out-of-pocket costs will be lower.
  • Let’s do the math: Most franchisees have between 15 and 30 sponsors in each bag at an average rate of about $1.50 per bag.  So, each bag that is delivered is worth from $20 to $45 in billings to sponsors.  Deduct the $10 cost per bag and you can see the opportunity for good profit margins.  Of course, the more you sell, the more you can make.

  • Overhead costs are low.  There is no inventory, no expensive equipment, no fixed storefront to maintain.  Most franchisees operate from home.  No specialized knowledge, license or certification is required.  Housewarmers will train you on all aspects of running your business.

Our franchise support team is ready to answer questions, offer suggestions and evaluate your progress to help you succeed.  And, we have great resources to help with sales, delivery and management.  The Housewarmers franchise community works together as colleagues, not competitors, so best practices are shared.

Interested? Call us at 903.456.2257, or fill out our convenient online form, to get the process started.


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