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We are Housewarmers. Community is our Business!

Housewarmers welcomes new residentsBusiness people agree, “The best advertising is word of mouth.”  Housewarmers believes so much in the adage that we built a business around it.  Unlike any media or direct mail, the Housewarmers personally delivered Gift Bag is the standard in word-of-mouth marketing.

Every Housewarmers Gift Bag is designed to make a big impression to new residents in the community.  Inside is a Sponsor Gift Book filled with wide selection of money-saving Gift Certificates, gift items and information from local businesses who act a Sponsors, and a Community Guide filled with local information and listings of participating Sponsors. When our trained Greeters hand-deliver a Housewarmers Gift Bag they are welcoming residents face-to-face in a friendly and informative way.

Unlike other forms of advertising, which only touch a prospective customer once, Housewarmers offers the Good Neighbor 7 Point Marketing System, with 7 distinct points of touch to every new resident welcomed.  It’s a good impression that keeps on going.

Housewarmers connects Sponsors directly with high value customer prospects. New residents spend much more, on a wide range of products and services, in order to get settled. They require new family healthcare, automobile service, pet care, shopping, furnishings, lawn care, pest control, and the list goes on and on.  Because they haven’t established local connections, the Housewarmers Greeter and Gift Bag are welcome sources for trustworthy businesses.

Housewarmers is an organization of dedicated and enthusiastic Franchise Owners.  It is the mission of Housewarmers to achieve financial and personal growth while improving our communities.  This is why we believe Opportunity is Knocking for those who are motivated to achieve such goals and become new Housewarmers.

Kerry and Pud can share it best! Watch their interview with Jeff Brady and discover what makes our concept so special:



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